I make work that poses a series of questions. The process of questioning, unraveling meaning, and exploring answers is why I work. Choreography is my opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with audiences and myself. Using sound and dance as conceptual canvasses, I work to create an authentic, highly charged experience. I seek to communicate and to create an initial, human bond. The best surprises are in small ways, original ways of thinking. I seek innovation and open behavior to impact my audiences intimately, immediately.

I choreograph movement about themes of conflict without attempting to heal the polarity between thought and action. I am curious as to how minor and seemingly random events and encounters can create a powerful inclusive narrative. I weave vignettes together to serve as layered information toward a complex whole. The discreet battles within movement, sound and memory excite my processes. Rather than tell a thematic tale, I form multi-layered works that deal with problem solving. In this way I seek to guide viewers and myself through a challenge of multifaceted knots.

My dance seeks to heighten the commonplace events of subtle and restrained interactions in public and private spaces, individually and socially. I like to evoke a sense of the profound in the mundane, a sense of hope in futility, and the richness of empty space.

– Erica Rebollar, Artistic Director


In 2003, Erica Rebollar created a modern dance collaborative where multi-genre artists can make innovative work. RebollarDance examines dichotomies and fragmentations of physical behavior that explore boundaries of performance, using bodies, light, and sound as conceptual canvasses to evoke authentic, highly charged experiences for both dancers and audience. Rebollar Dance’s mission is to create and present cutting edge choreography that impact large and diverse audiences, examining movement as a facet of modern life and a laboratory for analyzing themes. Exploring choreography as innovation, RebollarDance promotes an artistic process of challenge and risktaking.

Born in Los Angeles, raised In New York City, and currently based in Washington DC, RebollarDance has to its credit over 85 performances in more than 40 venues nationally in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, Salt Lake City, Washington DC and internationally in London, Paris, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and throughout Indonesia. With a steady stream of performances in traditional venues and site-specific locations, the company has reached thousands of individuals.

RebollarDance draws together the unique backgrounds and talents of Choreographer Erica Rebollar,dancer/choreographers Ronya Lee Anderson, Amanda Blythe, Heather Doyle, Samual Horning, Kjersten Lynse, Althea Skinner, and Katie Sopoci Drake. Their training in modern dance, ballet and contemporary movement styles such as Butoh, somatic practices, and release technique fuse with backgrounds in theatre and martial arts. The amalgamation of these trainings is a primal yet precise style of movement rooted in technique.

Weaving textural guitar loops, soulful melodies and grounded rhythms into tapestries of sound, composers Charlie Campagna and Jeffrey Dorfman compose and perform music for RebollarDance performances and workshops.


• Pola Nirenska Award for “Outstanding Contribution to Dance”
• NPN supported company through Dance Place DC
• Fairfax County Art Council: Operating Support Grant 2015
• Dance Place DC Space Grant
• American Dance Institute Space Grant
• Metro DC Dance Award: Excellence in Choreography
• Fairfax County Art Council: Operating Support Grant 2014
• Dance Metro DC Commissioning Project
• American Dance Institute (ADI) Incubator Residency
• Metro DC Dance Award Nominee: Outstanding New Work
• Fairfax Country Art Council: Strauss Fellowship 2013
• Mead Theatre Lab Program Grant and Residency Program
• Strathmore/City Dance Residency
• Local Dance Commissioning Project (LDCP), Kennedy Center, Washington DC
• Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) Space Grant, New York, NY
• A.W.A.R.D Show recipient, Joyce Soho, New York, NY
• Mabou Mines Artist Residence Program, 6-month choreography and dance residency, Mabou Mines Suites, PS 122, New York, NY
• Los Angeles Dance Resource Center/ Lester Horton Dance Award nominee for choreography: The Lights From the Heavens Are Called Stars, Japan American Theatre, CA.
• Los Angeles Dance Resource Center/Lester Horton Dance Award nominee for dance: Hunter/Hunted, LA Dance Invitational, LA
• American College Dance Festival (ACDFA) National First Place award in Choreography, Second Place in Dance Performance


2017 Tri-City Concert Tour, Philadelphia, DC, and Baltimore

2016 Evening length premiere “Title TBD”, Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, May 17, 2016

2015 Evening length premiere “Sacred Profane” at Dance Place DC (Dance Place/NPN supported tour)

2015 “Sacred Profane”, evening length premiere: Dance Place, October 3-4, 2015
“Everything For the First Time”, shared concert with Helanius Wilkins, Atlas Performing Arts Center, April 11. 2015

2014 “Absurdist Suites” January 5, 2014, Dance Place’s “Modern Moves” at Atlas Performing Arts Center
“Cyborg Suites” November 9, 2014, Baltimore Art Museum Main Stage
“Cyborg Suites” October 24-25, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
“Cyborg Suites” June 21, Dance Place’s “Monroe Street Arts Walk” stage
“Cyborg Suites” May 28, Dance Place’s “Modern Moves” at CenterStage, Reston, VA

2013 Velocity Dance Festival, Sidney Harman Hall, Shakespeare Theatre, DC, October 2013
“Future Preludes” at Dance Place, June 2013
“GOODHURT “, evening length premiere at American Dance Institute’s Incubator Residency: ADI, 6/13
“Lines”, site-specific show, Malcolm X Park, Washington DC
“Cardinal Points”, evening length performance Intersections Festival: Sprenger Theatre, Atlas Performing Arts Center, 3/13

2012 “Space Junk”, evening length premiere at Strathmore Performing Arts Center as Resident Artist: Strathmore’s CityDance and Cultural DC’s Mead Theatre Lab Program

Velocity Dance Festival, Harman Hall, October 20, 2012

“Nautical Yards”, site-specific evening length premiere in collaboration with Force/Collision Theater Company at Navy Yards Park, April 2012

Theatre Project/Baltimore and Dance Bethesda, March 2012

2011 “Tinsel and Bone”, evening length performance at Dance Place DC, February 4-5, 2011

Local Dance Commissioning Project, Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage: “Tinsel and Bone” evening length performance October 6-7, 2011

2010 Velocity Dance Festival, Sidney Harman Hall, Shakespeare Theatre, DC

2009 Dance Project, Joy of Motion’s Jack Guidone Theater

2007 The Lights From The Heavens are Called Stars, A.W.A.R.D Show, Joyce Soho, NYC
The Lights From the Heavens are Called Stars, premiere at Judson Church, NYC
Erased, Cool 2007 Dance Festival, Brooklyn, NY
Erased, Sweat Series, DeBaaun Auditorium, Hoboken, NJ
Bound to Collide, Sashama Storefront Performance Series, Times Square, NYC
Wooden Mary Excerpts, Dance Conversations at the Flea Theater, NYC

2006 Wooden Mary, self produced premiere at St. Mark’s Church, New York, NY
Black Out, full-length premiere at PS 122 through residency at Mabou Mines, New York, NY
Dance Conversations at the Flea
Judson Church at DTW
New Works at Tribeca Performing Arts Center
Cool NYC 2006 Dance Festival, Brooklyn, NY
d.u.m.b.o dance festival

2005 d.u.m.b.o Dance Festival
Breath and Bones, Venice, CA
Catch Performance Series

2004 Galapagos Performance Space, Brooklyn, NY

2003 Flesh, Self-Produced Concert, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA
Hunter/Hunted, Summerfest, San Francisco, CA
Hope Code, Dance Moving Forward Festival, Los Angeles, CA
When The Bones Lie Open, Trip Dance Company, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA
Hunter/Hunted, Choreography in Mark Eby’s Film Falling Down

2002 Hunter/Hunted, Los Angeles Dance Invitational
Ajar, self-produced concert, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA

2000 Place of No Tears, American College Dance Festival (National First Place Award in choreography)
Place of No Tears, set on Brigham Young University, Provo Utah and tour of India
Place of No Tears, Solo Dance Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia; Makassar Arts Forum, Ujungpandang, Sulawesi; TUK Theater, Jakarta; STSI Pendopo, Solo, Java.

1999 East Meets West, self-produced concert at Chamber Theatre, Seattle, WA

Land Of Thin Dimes, Second Journey Company, – solo performance Indonesian Dance Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia; Makassar Arts Forum, Ujungpandang, Sulawesi; TUK Theater, Jakarta; STSI Pendopo, Solo, Java; Solo Festival 2000.

Place of No Tears, American College Dance Festival: Northwest Regional First Place Award in Choreography

Inconclusive Blooming – collaboration with Eko Supriyanto, 1999 APPEX Salon, UCLA, Los Angeles; Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle; Highways Performance Space, LA; Forum Kerja Koreografer 2000, Bali, Indonesia and Riau Dance Forum, Sumatra, Indonesia.